Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quilting progress

Well after returning from vacation I did find a bit of time to work in some quilting. My DH says I lead the life of leisure in the summer and have spent a few days swimming this week with my boys, but a good week for me includes some time quilting. I finished this weeks SBS BOW and spent some time on my son Zach's quilt but couldn't resist cutting out part of my Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I think that quilt will go to school with me next spring when we study bugs with the kids.

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Anne Ida said...

Happy to see you find some quilting time! Your BOW block looke great! So does your blocks for your son's quilt. And I'm sure your Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt will be really cute - the story is so sweet!!

Have you seen that Valerie over at have started a blogring for quilters who work on quilts from Jennifer's books? The ring is called "Quilts through the pages", hope you'll sign up and spread the word :o)