Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to school

Here it is August 13th and those of you are teachers are feeling just like me. How did summer pass us up so fast? Why didn't I get everything accomplished that I wanted to? But, alas August has arrived along with all of the back to school sales you'll see teachers in their classrooms preparing for another school year. Today my boys and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon in my classroom with my co-teachers. We totally revamped one of our two classrooms and I'm excited to see how everything flows. We seem to start every year with a full class of toddlers that grow into preschoolers throughout the year and this year is no exception. Job boredom is rarely the case. So we'll enjoy our last couple of weeks of summer laziness and begin the new school refreshed and ready.

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Zannah said...

Poor you! Here in the UK we don't start the autumn term for another couple of weeks or so, so still some time left for quilting!!

The weather has been so bad this summer (it's rained nearly every day) that in fact quilting is about the only thing to do most days.