Friday, September 12, 2008

First Red and White Swap blocks done

I was finally able to get to the sewing machine this week and since the block of the week was B-4 I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to work on that block for the red and white swap.

First I finished the block for this weeks BOW.

Then I completed all 10 plus one more for me in red and white. Now I have only 3 more blocks to make for the swap.


shelley said...

Your blocks look very nice Nicki! The red & white blocks are going to be soooo nice!

Meeghan said...

I love the red and white blocks they are super cute. I have not done one bit of sewing since school started :( Well I did make up a quick blanket and burp rags for a friend who had a baby, but that is quilting.

Zannah said...

Lovely blocks!

Micki said...

Your blocks are wonderul! You really are busy, but you are getting them done. I am in a few swaps, so I have been ultra busy too.
In ireland