Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Start your Engines

This week marks our final Cub Scout pinewood derby. The actual race is tomorrow. We usually have a slow car but thanks to Spencer's creative mind we get extra points for style. In the past we've done a Star Wars speeder car, A Packer Golf Cart, A block of gold, and a bowling alley. The golf cart and bowling alley won the award Car of the Year. This is voted on by the kids in the elementary school. This year's car is no less creative. Spencer decided he wanted to do a guitar. After many hours of work put in by both hubby John and Spencer the car is complete.

On the quilting front I have 3 quilts pinned and one to go so hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can dramatically shorten my quilts to complete list.

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Meeghan said...

that is an awesome looking car. So impressed. Good luck at the races!!!!