Sunday, May 31, 2009

Once again, it's been way to long

I know, I know, it's been way too long since I last blogged. Life just seems to get really crazy for me in the spring time. Anyway I'll try to catch up from my last blog entry.
April: We spent a wonderful week in North Carolina with my mom and sister. They left April 2nd in the am from Wisconsin and we left in the afternoon. We actually were able to meet up at the hotel in Mount Hope West Virginia that evening to enjoy a late dinner with them. The next day we headed into North Carolina and took our annual detours to visit a few wineries before heading to Seven Lakes our final destination. We enjoyed great weather while we were there. We golfed, went pottery shopping, visited the North Carolina Aviation museum, played lots of card games and just enjoyed spending time with each other.

John told Spencer that if he hit the 100 yd marker, he'd buy him a Gatorade at the turn. Can't come much closer than that.
Zach at the North Carolina Aviation Museum. It's just a small museum but we all enjoyed seeing the planes that had been donated.
The boys at a covered bridge in North Carolina. A typical goofy picture of Spencer.
Once our vacation ended baseball and golf season started for the boys which keep us running. May has just flown by with practices, games and many school events. It seems like school districts forget that things need to be done so they cram in all kinds of activities during the months of May and June. Both boys this year were honored with academic achievement awards. Both John and I are very proud of their hard work.
Now here we are in June. Where does time go to. It seems like I haven't quilted in months. So I'm looking forward to summer vacation to do so. I have my nieces wedding quilt to get done and always an abundance of other projects. I'll also spend my summer planning for the next school year as I have decided to make a change. My dear hubby gently mentioned that it might be time to move from part-time to full-time and after lots of thought and prayer on the subject I bid this week on a kindergarten position in my district and will be teaching that in the fall. My boys are growing up so fast but they're to the point that they don't need mom at home during the day so much just in the evenings when they themselves are home from school. Spencer will move to the middle school and Zach who I can't believe (where has time gone) turned 14 on Friday and will be beginning the adventure of high school in the fall. I'm sure I'll have to be much better at time management next year and will actually need to plan our dinner meals ahead of time but the change will be exciting. I have taught Special Education my entire career and now I move to a regular education class but preschool to kindergarten isn't a too big of jump and next year will definitely be one of learning for me also. I'm sad to leave the wonderful girls I've worked with but am glad that I'm still in the same building and will be able to continue seeing them now on a daily basis. My brain has been working a mile a minute as I prepare to make this change. I'm utilizing the fine art of list making, something I've done for years but at this time my lists seem very long and number many.
On Friday will enjoy one of Spencer's last hurrahs of elementary school, his 5th grade party and then on the 16th we'll enjoy attending Zach's 8th grade promotion before ending the school year, then summer vacation will officially start. We have plans to spend some time in Wisconsin with the family and enjoying the warm weather.

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Meeghan said...

love seeing picts of the boys...we will miss you next year...I will have to come for visits next year. Still no baby boy...the wedding went great.