Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strawberry Picking

On Thursday the boys and I and our friends the Boehm's went on our annual strawberry picking trip. As Spencer says "it's a tradition" and both boys enjoy the day in the strawberry fields. This year the berries were big and juicy. We ended up picking 14 and 1/2 pounds.Zach and our bounty of berries

Spencer's favorite berries to pick were the funny shaped ones.

A new member of the family

Yesterday we welcomed a new member to our family, an eight week old calico kitten who we have finally named Dottie. Her name took us a bit but the naming of the pets has always been delegated to hubby John. Last night the boys thought Bethpage was a great name in keeping with the love of golf that our family has. For those of you who are not golfers, Bethpage is where the US Open is being played this year. Well today after watching some of the golf tourney, John heard one of the announcers Dottie Pepper speak and thought that Dottie might just be the perfect name for her. I of coursed liked it more than Bethpage but Spencer thought it seemed like an old grandma name but decided that Dottie would be just fine. She is becoming more comfortable with all of us and is so much fun to play with and watch as she runs all over the place. So far it seems that she likes to be around us as whenever we walk out of the room she cries until she's found us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little brag time

Then (6th grade first day of school)

Now (8th grade promotion)

Today we attended Zach's eighth grade promotion, I hate to be one of those moms who brag excessively about my kids but I just have to brag a little. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was worrying about Zach entering the big bad middle school and just like that I blink and we're now preparing for high school. Zach has grown so much in the last three years not only physically but emotionally. Overall I think he would say the middle school experience was mostly positive. Today during promotion Zach was honored with several awards which demonstrated his involvement in middle school.

Okay, here goes the bragging:

Honor Roll for Three Years
Presidential Award for Academic Excellence
Recognition for Computers
Recognition for Spanish
Sportsmanship Award
Somerset Salute to Excellence

And finally he was the only student recognized for Industrial Technology-who knows maybe he'll be an engineer like his dad (he was probably most embarrassed by this award as he had to go up in front and listen to the glowing comments of his Applied Engineering teacher)

Mom of course was forbidden from going in front to take pictures of him as one never wants to be embarrassed by mom. Thank goodness for my new camera's zoom.

Both mom and dad are especially proud of you Zach and wish you all the best as you begin high school.

Monday, June 8, 2009

School is almost out

Here we are in the final week of school for me and final 7 days for the boys. I'll sure be glad when I can maybe sleep in a bit. We've been busy with 5th grade activities for Spencer and preparing for the big 8th grade promotion for Zach. Spencer's 5th grade party was a cruise theme. Lots of fun had by all.