Saturday, August 1, 2009

A tough day for Zach but a proud day for mom and dad

Zach golfed in his final Meijer tour golf tournament yesterday at the Fortress in Frankenmuth. The course is in beautiful shape and we enjoyed walking along. John took the day off so that he could watch so the entire family travelled north for the day. Though the course is in beautiful condition it is by no means easy and Zach struggled all day with both his driver and putter. Even as Zach struggled he kept his range of emotions in check and didn't throw one tiff on the course (a trait he inherited from my family). He truly acted like the young man he is quickly becoming which made both John and I so proud of him. Golf is a funny game, one day things go great the next not so much but being involved in the Meijer tour this year has been a great thing for him.
On the other hand, my goofy Spencer leaves for Camp Michindoh tomorrow. It will be quiet around our house for the week. I hope he has a great time.

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