Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Summer Vacation

I have now been off of school for 2 full weeks and have been busy sewing.  I have been working on a hexi project for the last couple of months and I have two diamonds completed and one more that is almost finished.  I never thought I liked hand sewing, especially applique but I have been enjoying making hexis.  I think the entire quilt takes 3300 hexis so this will be many years in the making I'm sure.  Here are my first two diamonds.

I am also 2/3rds of the way done with Zach's NC house quilt.  I love this Swoon pattern and think it will be one I make again.  My goal is to get this quilt finished in time to take it down come August.

I've also finished my Craftsy block of the month June blocks.  Continuing with my bright colors on these two.

And finally, it hit me this morning that my 4 sisters in laws are always giving me presents when we are home for our annual summer vacation and this year I didn't want to come to the family gathering empty handed.  So a quick search on the internet found me a video tutorial on picnic placemats.  I went through my abundant fabric stash and was able to find prints for everyone.  I found that 1 yard of fabric made 6 placemats and I also had lots of batting remnants so without going to the store I was able to get started.  Today I finished two sets of 6 and have 2 left for tomorrow.

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