Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another snow day, more time to sew

As of today we have had 3 consecutive snow days, which to me is a bit crazy but I have to keep telling myself that I no longer live in the midwest where 2 inches of snow is a dusting and roads would be cleared in a couple of hours.  Down here in the south I am quickly learning that is not the case but after two days inside spending lots of time sewing (just love to do) I was going stir crazy.  Off to the bowling alley, Walmart, Lowes, Hobby Lobby and our local quilt shop Linderella's. I have spent lots of time continuing to work on m nephew and nieces wedding quilt but as I quickly found out when you are sewing a quilt without a pattern you don't always have the correct amount of fabric to finish.  I was hoping Linderella's had my Hoffman 1895 batik on hand but unfortunately no so after returning home I placed a quick order to one of my favorite stores when buying basics and blenders Webfabrics for the remaining yard I need.  I'm stalled with the top and bottom second border finished but not the sides.

Since the day was still young and I can't work on this quilt until the fabric arrives I dug through my Work in Progress quilts and pulled out last year's Sugar Block Club quilt. I had finished January and February's blocks last winter (probably during a snow day) but with moving, unpacking, two wedding quilts and starting a new job this got put on the back burner (until today).  I finished March's block today. For this quilt I am using all  Robert Kaufman kona solids in greens and blues, I think it was the Grecian Water's fat quarter bundle that I bought for this.  This will be my first quilt using all solids, thanks Amy Gibson at Stitchery Dickory Dock for this fun block of the month.  I will also be getting the patterns for the the 2014 Sugar Block Club too, we'll see when I get to sewing those.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


As I find more and more blogs about quilting it makes me want to do better about posting on my own quilting blog. Thanks to the threat of winter weather, we had a snow day at school.  Unfortunately it was totally unnecessary because we still haven't seen any snow but the treat of a snow day means I get to enjoy a day sewing.  When I look and see how long it's been since I've posted it always amazes me how quickly the days fly by.  I haven't posted anything for over a year and what a year it's been.  I sent my oldest off to college this past fall and a month before that we packed up our Michigan house so that we could be full time North Carolina residents. This works out nicely for my oldest since he chose NC State as the place he wanted to earn his engineering degree from. This move wasn't as much fun for my younger son but he has adjusted to the change as well as can be expected and on top of that the move was primarily for the hubby and yet he still is enduring a very yucky Michigan winter and diligently looking for a job down here so that we can be all together again.

Of course with the move and starting a new job, quilting has been put on the back burner, well no more. Quilting to me is the best relaxation so back at it I go.  Today with the snow day I was able to spend a good chunk of time on my nephew and niece's wedding quilt. This is a variation of a quilt I saw a picture of and his putting my math skills to the test.  The bridal couple live on a farm and love anything to do with nature so I opted to use Hoffman's Bali Batiks in the brown sugar collection.
Here it is ready to be recut using the twister tool.

Here it is recut and sewn.  I added a blue inner border to it then plan to add a lil' twister outer border.  Will post more pictures as I continue to work on it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Added blog to bloglovin

Now I will have two blogs on bloglovin' guess I need to make more time to post.
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