Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here we are enjoying Thanksgiving weekend 2014, I have lots to be thankful for my college son is home for the weekend, my husband is finally full time in NC with the rest of us and has found a job he is enjoying, my teenager has adjusted to living here in the south and has met more people this year and my mother in law has been visiting from Wisconsin and was here to spend Thanksgiving with us. Even though we were only five for Thanksgiving I was very excited to cook since I finally have a full oven back which I haven't had since March when my old oven sparked out and died.

We are in the midst of doing some remodeling ant that tends to take some time in our house.  My hubby is a perfectionist and I work at things really quickly in the summer, but when school starts they hit a standstill.  I started painting our living room trim in the summer and let's just say there is a plethora of it, including a built in bookcase. Now my hubby is finally working on the walls.  We still need to remodel our closet in the master bedroom and the kitchen, which is nice in a circa 1988 way.  Can't wait to take a wall down so that I can get an unobstructed view of the lake (one of our main reasons for moving south last year). So in the mean time I work around tarps and paint cans, sanders and tape but it's not stopping my Christmas decorating.  I was able to set up my growing collection of Fontanini this weekend which makes for a happy heart and the tree is coming along.

And before this post gets too long I do want to add some of the quilting I've been doing as of late.  An early New Years Resolution is to write a blog post weekly. We'll see how that goes.  Anyways, lots of baby quilts lately, one for a coworker, two for nieces and nephews.
Moda Bake shop chevron for a coworker

Round about for a nephew's baby

One square for a nieces baby quilt, Diamond in the Rough from Freckled Whimsy

Finally finished my twisted tree
Tomorrow my college boy goes back to school but only for a couple of weeks, my mother in law flies home on Tuesday and since she has been sleeping in college boy's room/my quilt room, I'll look forward to getting back in there to finish up the Diamond in the Rough quilt and getting started on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.

That's all for now.